Lunch in Lynn: A Visit to Rincon Macorisano

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Continuing our occasional series on lunch in Lynn, we headed for Rincon Macorisano in the heart of downtown last week. The food is billed as Carribean, more specifically, the Dominican Republic. Thirsty, we perused the menu while sipping on a cold mango shake, a bit sweet but quite delicious.

Judging from the lack of seated patrons, it seems Rincon’s lunch business is mainly takeout. The décor is very casual, with a baseball theme, and it seems that family dinners are the restaurant’s main business.

We ordered a cubano sandwich ($5.50) and Dominican specialty, pork mofongo (6.50). Mofongo consists of fried green plaintains mashed with seasonings and olive oil and mixed with some type of meat. It was served with a slightly spicy tomato-based sauce. We had never encountered mofongo before and definitely enjoyed it. Great flavor, interesting texture and an enormous portion. We took about three-quarters of it home. The cubano was a disappointment, though. It was a lightly pressed sandwich of pork, ham, and cheese, but it completely lacked flavor and did not include the pickles we’re used to in a cuban sandwich.

With all the wonderful options available for Latin food in Lynn (for example, we really enjoyed our visit to Casa Antigua), we’re not sure we see a reason to return to Rincon.

350 Washington St, Lynn
(781) 592-5823