Lynn, Lynn, the City of…Donuts

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Even unintentionally, Corey Jackson inspires me to eat in Lynn. This morning I was planning to take Route 1A through Lynn when Corey posted a picture of the awful  Lynnway traffic on Facebook. Having no desire to experience it for myself, I decided to take Route 107, conveniently passing directly by Donut City, which sits at the intersection of Western Ave. and Chestnut Street.

A small, independent, family-owned shop that’s been open about a year and a half, Donut City makes donuts fresh each morning. I had been meaning to check them out, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Everything looked so good, I ended up leaving with a variety of treats to share with my colleagues. Both the raised and cake donuts (.75 each) were terrific. My all-time favorite, the chocolate frosted old-fashioned cake donut was excellent. The crunchy fried outside encased moist cake and was topped with chocolate icing that didn’t overwhelm. The raised doughnuts were heavenly—even the glazed was feather light, and the raised cinnamon was a revelation. That’s the one I’ll go back for.

Donut City offers muffins in two sizes, (.79 for small and $1.65 for large) and produces a variety of unusual flavors along with the old standbys. Who could resist a Boston Cream Pie muffin? I certainly couldn’t, and I threw in a pineapple coconut one for good measure. My colleagues were quite happy with the decision. The muffins were moist, lightly sweet, and had a nice springy crumb—the Boston Cream Pie drew raves.

I was interested to discover that aside from a myriad of sweet treats, croissants and breakfast sandwiches, the shop also offers fresh, hot, savory meat pies. The chicken and beef pastelitos (.80 each) looked so good, I opted to try the chicken then and there. A crisp pastry filled with chopped meat, onions, and sweet peppers, it was delicious. A couple of those and a coffee and you’ve got yourself a bargain lunch.

Speaking of coffee, I was excited to see that Donut City carries locally roasted fair trade coffee from Beverly’s Atomic Café.

The quality and freshness of this unassuming corner bakery blows chain store donuts out of the water, so don’t wait until the next traffic jam to stop by.

Donut City
515 Chestnut Street, Lynn
(781) 477-0766

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5 Comments on “Lynn, Lynn, the City of…Donuts”

  1. #1 Corey said at 5:11 pm on July 28th, 2011:

    I’m glad I could help. Also, you’ve inspired me to maybe try somewhere other than Fernando’s for breakfast :-)

  2. #2 North Shore Dish Digs Donut City | Lynn Happens said at 2:57 pm on July 29th, 2011:

    [...] Lynn, Lynn, the City of…Donuts Photo by North Shore Dish [...]

  3. #3 Mary G said at 5:03 pm on July 29th, 2011:

    Thanks for this article. I was wondering where to get some great croissants for a brunch. I went there after reading the article – everything looks great. I order croissants for a brunch tomorrow. Nice they open at 6AM also!

  4. #4 dan broderick said at 9:16 am on August 1st, 2011:

    do not drive by donut city without stopping in for a treat
    after getiing goodies here since they opened I can never again taste a DD donut without realizing how un-fresh the DD donuts really are
    the family owners of donut city are real people you see there all the time (do they ever rest?) and are super cordial and a lynn business that needs support, try one of everything and choose your favorites

  5. #5 Sara said at 2:16 pm on December 27th, 2013:

    The Cambodian sandwiches are awesome too! Only $ 3.50 and full of delicious spices and fresh veggies and meat. The 39 and 40 are yum!

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