Wenham’s Grassy Roots Feeds Body and Soul

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Let’s face it, healthy food is not always delicious. But we’re happy to report that at a lovely new spot in Wenham, we found a lunch you can feel good about. We stopped into Grassy Roots last weekend and were delighted by the airy space and the fresh selections.

We started with one of their juice combinations, which are made on the spot from whole fruits and vegetables. The Get Up and Go is a tasty combination of pineapple, lime, and cucumber ($7) that was made on the less-sweet side at our request. (It would be fabulous with a touch of gin in it, but that’s another story.)

The store carries a great selection of smoothies, sandwiches, salads, and panini, along with fresh baked goods. We tried the Lovely Viola, which featured large chunks of moist poached salmon, arugula, onion, and dill tartar ($10). Definitely worth returning for. We felt the same way about the Barstool, a combination of roasted eggplant, hummus, roasted red peppers and watercress that tasted incredibly fresh and more decadent than most vegetarian sandwiches ($8).

Of course, since we wanted to report on all of the shop’s offerings, we had to try a few of the goodies on display. Honestly, the things we won’t do for you people. The triple chocolate brownie was dense and fudgy, though we’re not sure the small size was worth $1.50; the muffins were moist and flavorful; and the cheddar chive bacon scone was one of the best savory scones we’ve ever had—cheesy and smoky with a wonderful light texture.

If you’re traveling on Route 1A, definitely stop into this high quality breakfast and lunch spot, and if you try the mocha morning smoothie, let us know how it was because we already regret not trying it.

Grassy Roots
152 Main St, Wenham
(978) 468-5200

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3 Comments on “Wenham’s Grassy Roots Feeds Body and Soul”

  1. #1 Geoff said at 12:05 pm on March 28th, 2011:

    Any idea what days they are open, and hours?

    Their website is woefully lacking in certain areas.

  2. #2 Gavan said at 7:40 pm on April 30th, 2011:

    It won’t last long. I live here.

    Over priced on a sensational value?

    Seven dollars for a BLT? Get real.
    Not even a hot dog for 2.00?

    I want a hamburger and fries for 6.50/

  3. #3 Gavan said at 8:10 pm on April 30th, 2011:

    I always thought a nice valued lunch or breakfast would work at this location.

    As most know in these parts it’s old Chadders Market from years ago past.

    No parking on busy 1A.

    The new owners forgot the theame to compete with Henderson’s the tea house and the Weathervane.

    Is the Grassy roots like a globle warming sandwitch? We have had enough on being told the galixy is warming up from pluto.

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